Member to member community platform for your business membership organisation.

Build a community within your organisation!

Engage and connect members within your business membership organisation with a member to member platform.


Boost trade between members with a member to member trading platform, allowing those with services and products to engage and trade efficiently.

As another service provided by your organisation, it will prove to be an incentive to join your organisation over others.

  • Member insights/knowledge
  • Member loyalty
  • Member to member trading
  • Incentive to join organisation
  • Added beneficial service


If a certain service or product is required, it will be cheaper, convenient and efficient to shop from other members within the community.

If a member visits another city, be sure to check the app to see what member exclusive offers are nearby to get a fantastic deal wherever you are.

  • Personalised tailored offers
  • Discounts and savings on products
  • The latest news and updates from stores
  • Notified on the go and at home


Advertise and promote brands who are able to provide services or products that benefit your members' businesses.

Show metrics on acknowledgement, engagement, and sales to brands who advertise to your members.

  • Establish a strong relationship with brands
  • Marketing to members
  • Vendor funded offers/promotions


Reward loyal customers to your convenience stores with real-time offers and gifts, all whilst learning who your customers are, what they purchase, when and why.

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Increase engagement in your restaurants by providing a digital loyalty solution, driving footfall with time relevant offers and updates on dishes and events.

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Give your everyday customers a reason to return to your forecourts with a digital solution to alert customers of fantastic savings as they are nearby or at home.

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Malls & Retail

Drive footfall and loyalty to your shopping malls/stores with a loyalty platform that can be used across a multitude of locations, profiling your customers.

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Provide an extra service to your business membership organisations members, with a platform that connects members to one another with exclusive savings.

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FMCG's & Brands

We work with FMCG's and brands to provide vendor funded offers and gifts to retailers in form of promotion, learning who and where your true customers are.

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