FMCG's & Brands

Connecting your brand with the consumers you want to engage with.


Working closely with brands will ensure your retailers are getting the best buying prices possible in return for providing customer insights for their products.

On top of this, your customers will become engaged with your brand as your stores will offer a more engaging and fun shopping experience.

  • Stronger relationship with brands
  • Better buying prices
  • Engaged shopping experiences
  • Customer loyalty


Customers are rewarded with fantastic freebies, offers and savings which they will not receive elsewhere thanks to strong relationships between brands and retailers.

Their shopping experience will become significantly more engaging, fun and rewarding; scanning QR codes as they shop to unlock rewards and see recipe ideas.

  • Engaged shopping experiences
  • Better offers/discounts
  • Try new brands on offer


Through our platforms, brands now have the ability to target specific customers from basket spend, demographic, age, gender and more; via a multitude of retailers and platforms.

Brands receive insights on their products and who is buying them where, when and why. This information will truly transform the way brands market their products with retailers.

  • Customer insights
  • Strong relationship with retailers
  • Trial new products in certain stores
  • Save money on pointless marketing
  • Provide competitive buying prices


Reward loyal customers to your convenience stores with real-time offers and gifts, all whilst learning who your customers are, what they purchase, when and why.

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Increase engagement in your restaurants by providing a digital loyalty solution, driving footfall with time relevant offers and updates on dishes and events.

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Give your everyday customers a reason to return to your forecourts with a digital solution to alert customers of fantastic savings as they are nearby or at home.

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Malls & Retail

Drive footfall and loyalty to your shopping malls/stores with a loyalty platform that can be used across a multitude of locations, profiling your customers.

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Provide an extra service to your business membership organisations members, with a platform that connects members to one another with exclusive savings.

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FMCG's & Brands

We work with FMCG's and brands to provide vendor funded offers and gifts to retailers in form of promotion, learning who and where your true customers are.

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