Discover True Engagement

The power of online brought to brick and mortar businesses, creating the ultimate shopping experiences for you and your customers.



Boosting brand loyalty through greater experiences and pioneering loyalty solutions.


Capturing data to create in-depth insights on your business, customers and campaigns.


Building real-time, automated and targeted communication channels to your consumers.


Making technology work for you to optimise your business and engage your customers.


Footfall Increase

Like for like hourly footfall, through real-time, targeted and time sensitive flash sales.


Basket Spend Increase

Compared to the previous month. Generated through targeted and geolocation marketing.


Itemised Sales Increase

After a month of implementation, driven through member only pricing and digital offer awareness.



SaaS solutions to meet your loyalty and omnichannel needs.


Our real-time omnichannel solution, designed as a loyalty offering for your customers and/or an engagement platform for your business's members.



Either loyalty for customers or between members, we enable you and your users to create real-time offers and posts across a web and app platform.


Loyalty cards that link effortlessly with the platforms application, website and EPoS system; a true omnichannel shopping experience.

EPoS Integration

Effortlessly allow the platform to communicate with your EPoS system without the need for extra hardware to harness valuable user data.


Our expert in-house design team are more than capable to design your new loyalty brand to sit inline with your current business's branding.


We are able to provide all point of sale to promote the platform, from posters to windows stickers, roof signs, leaflets, stands and much more.


Enable payments to be taken on the website and in-app at checkout in-store for a flawless shopping experience for the users.


Transform the platform into an ecommerce offering, allowing users to purchase products and services within your platform.

Collection & Delivery

Boost your ecommerce offering with a collection and delivery option at checkout. Delivery drivers/couriers are not provided by BizzleIt.

Further Integrations

We are able to integrate into a multitude of systems and API's, including scan as you shop, augmented reality and CRM systems for example.

Smart Code

Instantly redeem all eligible offers and rewards via a single smart code.


Create real-time offers/posts to suit local trends, events and demographics.


Personally welcome customers as they enter your store/location.


Physical stores building digital databases by gaining favourites.


Live dashboards across the group and for individual locations/stores.


Product/service keyword search function with map based search results.


Each location in your retail chain with their own individual profile.


Embracing the power of conversational retail between retailers and customers.


Reward loyal customers to your convenience stores with real-time offers and gifts, all whilst learning who your customers are, what they purchase, when and why.

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Increase engagement in your restaurants by providing a digital loyalty solution, driving footfall with time relevant offers and updates on dishes and events.

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Give your everyday customers a reason to return to your forecourts with a digital solution to alert customers of fantastic savings as they are nearby or at home.

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Malls & Retail

Drive footfall and loyalty to your shopping malls/stores with a loyalty platform that can be used across a multitude of locations, profiling your customers.

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Provide an extra service to your business membership organisations members, with a platform that connects members to one another with exclusive savings.

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FMCG's & Brands

We work with FMCG's and brands to provide vendor funded offers and gifts to retailers in form of promotion, learning who and where your true customers are.

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Case Study

SPAR GO, loyalty and smart marketing platform for SPAR UK.



SPAR UK Loyalty Platform

Driving local customer loyalty, through local stores. 
SPAR required a loyalty solution to grow the SPAR brand into the future, whilst catering for the large amount of independent retailers within the business.

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